Andrei Kushnir featured in Publications

"You become part of the scenery."

Andrei Kushnir, Nature Conservancy Annual Report, 2012

"The paintings capture the difficult terrain and deliver the brilliant flora of the Valley...
I highly recommend Andrei Kushnir's Exhibit."

Letter to the Editor, Richmond Times Dispatch, August 26, 2019

"Kushnir, with inspiration of his own and from the historians and conservationists
who wrote the essays, set out to capture the essences of the Shenandoah Valley
along certain travel routes.  He documented the natural splendor
of the river and hills, as well as the towns and rural dwellings of people who live there....
This journey along the Shenandoah Valley is enchanting and educating
and deserves a place in our art history libraries for its erudition and for future reference."

Book Review, Maine Antique Digest, August, 2017

"[Kushnir] could be found painting a portion of mountains in blustery winds
and 20-degree weather after the man who showed him the area
lent him a balaclava. "I did a smaller study and I was still shivering,"
Kushnir said. "'But, he said, 'you're lucky painting here right now,'
because I couldn't paint it in the summer because a generation of rattlesnakes
live under those rocks."

Daily News Record, Harrisonburg, VA, April 29, 2017


"The importance of Kushnir's work lies in the great step it takes toward
providing the 21st century with a vision as rich and profound for the
Shenandoah Valley as the legacy given us by the Hudson River School....
Kushnir portrays it in all its lights--from sunup to sundown, in rain and sunshine,
and from winter to summer and fall to spring.  But above all, Kushnir loves
and cares for the region.  This affection is evident in each of his paintings
and gives his entire book the depth of a great work of literature--
and all the vitality of great art."

Charlottesville Daily Progress, March 26, 2017

"This will be what I see--transmitted through my hand," he [Kushnir] said.

The Journal-News, Martinsburg, WVA, June 16, 2011

"Andrei Kushnir is a true plein air artist....'This is so weather-driven that,
 if the weather is good, you have to be out there,' he said."

Gloucester-Matthews Gazette-Journal, Gloucester, VA, May 27, 2010

"My way of painting is labor intensive.  I want to look as close
to what you would see as I can....In painting, as in so many other professions,
you collect a lot of information. All this stuff you need to do, that takes a
long time, before you get to the fun stuff. You're itching to get to the fun part.
But you have to restrain yourself."

Nature Conservancy Magazine, Spring, 2008

"Officials said 'the artist combines his love of the natural world with
his skills as a painter to create his unique and sensitive landscapes.'"

Delaware Beachcomber, August 8, 2003